How to download torrents

With Download Master you can download and save torrents from torrent files and magnet links!

Third-party plugins and tools are used to download torrents. You agree to their terms of use and licences.
Download Master does not implement the functionality of torrents (and any other p2p protocols), does not contain functions for downloading them and does not distribute them. By downloading torrents, any files and data using bittorent technology and any other p2p protocols, you confirm that you have all the necessary rights and permissions of the copyright holders and trademark owners.

Open a torrent file in Download Master

Way 1: Open a torrent file in Download Master

Double-click on the .torrent file in the file explorer and the window for adding a download to Download Master will open. Change the settings if necessary, start the download, and you'll soon have your video, music, and other data.
The Association must be enabled in the plugin Options.

Way 2: Click on the magnet link in your browser or copy the link to the clipboard

Click on the torrent or magnet link on the page. You can also use the Сopy link address option in the context menu (right-click on the link).

Click on the magnet link in your browser or copy the link to the clipboard
Use the browser context menu

Way 3: Use the browser context menu

Install an extension for your browser, such as ChromeEdgeFirefox, or another
To add a torrent or magnet link, use the context menu in your browser. Right-click on the link and select Download Master, then Download link. 

This Way may not work on all sites. If this happens, use the Way 1, 3 or 4.

Way 4: Drag a magnet link or a torrent file to a floating window

You can drag and drop a link or file to the Download Master floating window from a browser or other program. 

Drag a link to a floating window

Use of the Content

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You are solely responsible for all Content and the consequences of downloading and storing all Content using the Software and Services. You acknowledge, represent and warrant that you own or have all necessary licenses, rights, consents and permissions to download Content.

Download Master does not endorse any Content downloaded through the Software and Services by any user or other licensor, nor any opinion, recommendation or advice expressed therein, and Download Master expressly disclaims any liability related to the Content.

Problems, questions, suggestions

You can discuss video, music and torrent downloads in the Forum.
If you have any problems downloading videos, music or torrent, questions about this feature, or suggestions for adding support for other video services, please write to us.

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