Download Master allows you to add plugins to expand its capabilities. The following plugins are bundled with the program:

Advanced Scheduler

Extends the capabilities of the built-in scheduler (unlimited jobs, speed switching, etc.).
Author: WestByte Software

Bot MasterBot Master

Send links to the bot (Telegram) and Download Master will easily download them.
Author: WestByte Software
Bot Master Homepage

Remote DownloadRemote Download

Remote Download is a plugin for Download Master allowing to keep track of files added through the MyTopFiles site and automatically download them.
Author: WestByte Software
Remote Download Homepage

Video Services

Downloads videos, music and podcasts from over 1000 popular sites. Allows you to choose the size, format and subtitle download.
Author: savevideo4me

External Downloader

Downloads torrents. Allows you to enable association for .torrent files and magnet links, set the number, speed and size of seeding.
Author: savevideo4me

Additional plugins

To install the plugin, download it, unzip it and copy it to the "...\Download Master\Plugins\" folder (usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Download Master\Plugins\"), then restart.


Displays information about the status of downloads in the form of icons in the tray.
Author: Sergey Chernih aka SCHMaster


Creates a description file in the directory of the downloaded file and opens it in a text editor.
Author: Sergey Chernih aka SCHMaster

For Devs

This information is intended for anyone who wants to improve the program and add new features that the developers have not been able to do.

Download Master can receive almost any data from external programs and plug-ins. From our side we offer full assistance in implementing plugins/programs, as well as making necessary improvements to Download Master.

You can download a test example/template plugin with description from here:

If you want to develop your own plugin, contact us and we will help you.