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Our mission is to make downloading accessible and efficient for everyone. 

King of Downloads

We help you download videos, music, programs, and all data at the highest speed, in the most convenient way, and at the most suitable time.

Everything was beautiful in summer Kyiv in 2002, except for the Internet connection. Downloading any file required many attempts and could take several days. That's when two friends, both 24 years old and who had been developing games and services together since their student days, created Download Master. The first versions were simple and clumsy, but many people from different cities and countries with similar problems liked them. And then the friends began their long journey of building the best download manager, joined by new developers, designers and just users who wanted to help improve the program. This is how the Download Master kingdom was built.

Boring part of the story

The company was founded in 1998 aiming at design, development, and marketing high-quality software. Started with game development, we were gradually expanding our activities and now we offer Internet software, games, entertainment software, contact management software, database software, and utilities. One of the company's activities is the development of website management systems.

Our goal is to create convenient, high-performance, and most effective software. Millions of people using our software have made the right choice!

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We are open about our work and very happy to hear your comments and suggestions. Most of the improvements and new features we create are thanks to them. Keep sending us feedback and our products and services will become even better. 

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