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If you can't download any files from Download Master, it's possible:

  • There is no connection. Check if you can access the Internet from other programs, e.g. from your browser;
  • Access to the Internet is blocked by firewall, sometimes by antivirus. In this case it is necessary to adjust firewall - allow Download Master to access the Internet, or check if antivirus has settings that block access to the network (for example, sometimes it is the maximum protection mode);
  • No or incorrect proxy server is specified. Check proxy server settings in Download Master -> Settings -> Proxy settings.

 If only a specified file is not downloaded, it is possible:

  • There is no connection with the specified server. Try downloading later;
  • Wrong proxy server or it is temporarily unavailable. Check the proxy server settings for the specific download (Download Properties) or for the server (Site Manager);
  • The download address (URL) may be incorrect. Check the download link.

When you start your free activation you’ll have access to all of the King's secrets. Just select Help - Activation..., then enter your email to start your free activation. NO CREDIT CARD IS NEEDED. Your can order lifetime activation to support Download Master.

You will receive an email with a link, after clicking on which the program will be activated.
If you have not entered your email address before, go to Help - Activation... and enter the email you used during activation.
You do not need to enter license keys into the program, activation is performed by entering the email. Restart the program to activate it automatically. 

Go to the program options, section "Downloads". Set "Maximum number of simultaneous downloads" to 1.

Press Ctrl+R in the Add Download or Download Properties window. In the window that appears you will be able to add or change the REFERER. Information on other hotkeys can be found in the "FAQ -> Hotkeys" section of the Help system.

Yes, Download Master allows you to use regular expressions in options and searches. Detailed information and examples of using regular expressions.